Whale watching La Gomera

Whale watching La Gomera

La Gomera

Route: Whale watching excursion

Area: La Gomera

Date of walk: 7th February 2016

Walkers: Andrew and Gilly

Distance: n/a

Weather: increasingly hot and sunny

Today’s ‘walk’ only involved a short stroll along the seafront at Playa Santiago, but it provides a pretext for adding photos of a wonderful whale watching excursion. We’d been walking for the last 5 days so felt no guilt in having a rest day, and what better to do than go in search of whales and dolphins which are known to frequent the waters around La Gomera

We’d already booked 2 tickets with Tina Excursiones who had been recommended to us for their expertise in locating cetaceans, and turned up on the quayside at the appointed hour. We set out to sea and within 20 minutes or so there were shouts of excitement as an Atlantic Spotted Dolphin was spotted. Excitement increased as more and more came into view and within a few minutes the boat was surrounded by dozens of these wonderful creatures

The boat then headed further out to sea. There were 3 ‘spotters’ on board armed with powerful binoculars and after a while another shout went up as a pilot whale was spotted. The boat moved closer to what turned out to be a pod of whales and for 20 minutes or so they swam alongside us

The boat then moored in a quiet cove. Grilled tuna and salad was provided along with sangria, and we returned to the port along the rocky coastline. It was a great excursion which I’d highly recommend to anyone visiting La Gomera

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