Roque Cano

Roque Cano

La Gomera

Route: Roque Cano

Area: La Gomera

Date of walk: 9th February 2016

Walkers: Andrew and Gilly

Distance: 7.7 miles

Ascent: 1,800 feet

Weather: sunny and warm

This was the penultimate walk of our holiday in La Gomera and in retrospect we both agreed that it was the best. All 7 walks were wonderful in their own way, ranking amongst the very best, but today’s walk seemed to possess something extra special

Vallehermoso, or ‘Beautiful Valley’, was the centrepoint of our walk and as we climbed up the valley away from the village of the same name we admired the well tended banana plantations, small vineyards and potato fields. The weather was perfect and we felt as though we were walking through the Garden of Eden – but more was to come

After a long climb, with spectacular views all around, we arrived at a small mirador near the Restaurant Roque Blanco. From here we started our descent down a long exposed edge. Our pulses quickened as we looked down the route, which appeared to be impossible at times. As usual, the ingenious Gomeran path makers managed to find a safe way down and we had no need to be apprehensive

On the approach to the village we met the huge wall of Roque Cano, a lump of rock shaped like a spaceship and quite surreal in appearance. The path took us round the foot of the rock before leading steeply down back into Vallhermoso to conclude a magical walk

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