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Hazel Blackbourn Hazel Blackbourn from Boston wrote on 3 January, 2021:
Andrew, I've just read your blog on Catbells and the photos you have are absolutely wonderful. You really captured the day amazingly well. I had great pleasure reading through it and re-visiting your day there. My experience on Catbells has been very hit and miss. We have climbed it many times and we've had a mixture of the weather. Some good days and some bad. The most recent one was a wonderful climb from Hawes End to the summit and then round. It was a typical wet day in the Lake District but it didn't dampen our moods. We were loving every second of it! And the smiles didn't fade, even when the hoods went up. We've done a little blog on it if you fancy reading up on our story too, please feel free. Anyway, thanks again and I'm going to read up on some more of your adventures. Honestly, great photos! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘
John Wylie John Wylie from Wakefield wrote on 27 December, 2020:
Hi Andrew, hope you and your family are all keeping well and you have had a good Xmas. Just wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year for 2021. Have enjoyed your site so much this year, much more so because of Covid 19. I will be out and about walking in the New Year, your walks on the Yorkshire Wolds have been a revelation. They are not too far to get to from Carlton - Wakefield. I will pick my days walking on fine weather days just like you do. All the best John Wylie.
Jason Dixey Jason Dixey from Wigton wrote on 19 December, 2020:
What a fantastic website and wonderful photos, so kind to share. Thank you so very much. Best wishes to you.
Mr Robert Cross Mr Robert Cross from Skelmersdale wrote on 5 December, 2020:
Blimey - you really are a great photographer - Thanks you for the walks - just great
Paulina Paulina from Hornchurch wrote on 29 November, 2020:
Well, Andrew, Todayโ€™s memories of your walk on Harris have evoked more for me. I stayed in Seilebost 13 summers ago and as your rightly describe, only pictures can fully describe the-out-of-this-world beauty of the place. Iโ€™ve travelled all over the world and nowhere has come close to this part of the British Isles. You saw an eagle, when we arrived at our accommodation, we heard and saw a corncrake. The place took our breath away and still does including the photos of your walk. They took me right back to that marvellous encounter with Luskentyre. Thank You Paulina
Paulina Paulina from Essex wrote on 26 November, 2020:
Hallo Andrew (again ๐Ÿ™ˆ) your walking posts are becoming addictive, but appreciated. What a lovely day it was, today, on the Lincoln Wold. Grim and dark down here in Essex, Hornchurch way. Your walk brought back memories of my grand bus rovings around Lincolnshire and when I saw Lincoln Cathedral, from a great distance, looking like a shipโ€™s prow, high up on the edge of the wold. The woodland photographs are stunning, your camera has excellent colour reproduction and really picks up on the detail and variety of hues. I spend a lot of time โ€˜wood bathingโ€™ these days and drawing and observing the trees, they call it Shinrin Yoku in Japan and their doctors prescribe it for melancholic patients. They allow 3 hours of wood bathing out of work time. Thank you Paulina
John Wylie John Wylie from Leeds / Wakefield wrote on 23 November, 2020:
Hi Andrew,what a great walk round the west of Louth you both did. Fantastic pictures on a lovely sunny November day.You find some great places to walk where I would not think of looking. All the Best , John Wylie.
Katy & Michelle Katy & Michelle from South Shields wrote on 4 November, 2020:
Hi Andrew Today we did your Wasdale walk from Nether Wasdale taking in the beautiful views of Wast Water seeing it for the first time from Low Wood. Wow!!! We love your walks , the easy to follow instructions and stunning photos . Thank you for all the time you take compiling these; absolutely Fab
Goats & Oats at Garsdale Goats & Oats at Garsdale from Garsdale wrote on 3 November, 2020:
Hi Andrew! I loved your write up about Grisedale Walk! I've posted a link to your blog on our website: - hope that's ok! Rach
Tim Dawson Tim Dawson from Newcastle upon Tyne wrote on 2 November, 2020:
What a fantastic website! Just shared the link with three friends. Though we do some walking we never know where to go. This has inspired us, and we look forward to emulating some of your walks. Thank you and all the best. Tim & Emma.
Frances Andrew Frances Andrew from Grange-over-Sands wrote on 25 October, 2020:
Hi Andrew - Just found your website by happenstance when looking for help with a painting. Everything about your site is beautiful - photography, walks, range, and the glorious workings of the website itself. You'll be my go to source for walks and painting inspiration from now on.
Paulina Paulina from Hornchurch wrote on 15 October, 2020:
Hi Andrew Your camera/photography advice page was lovely. Excluding the technical raw and jpeg/computer stuff, your hints were straight from my own heart. Light aware, composition, and crucially rapid access to the camera - loved it. I always went by those rules when I was up on the fells. Love your walks Paulina
John Wylie John Wylie from Leeds/Wakefield wrote on 12 October, 2020:
Hi Andrew, hope you are all keeping well. Good to see you out and about. Enjoyed your great pics of Wasdale, Watendlath, and your walks on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path. I did St Dogmaels - Solva part of Pembrokeshire Path in October 2007 and always remember the tremendous rock formations on the cliffs. It is a great walk, so different to walking in the mountains. All the Best, John Wylie.
Ben Ben from Newcastle wrote on 11 October, 2020:
Hi Andrew, just to say that you have a beautifully curated website and thank you for your route recommendations. My wife and I did the Rothbury Circular three weeks ago and the Hethpool & College Burn one the next - thoroughly enjoyed both! We'll always keep an eye out for any of your recommended walks in our (post-lockdown) travels! Thanks!
Francine BEUDET Francine BEUDET from MENETREUIL wrote on 9 October, 2020:
Hi, Andrew Visiting your delightful website, it is just like a dream. Colours of Autumn, superb clouds in the sky, friendly trees... landscapes for painters, where are the artists ? Your photos are so beautiful ! I also do like reading about your walks through Lake District and at the sea side... Mervellous time in the nature combining peace of mind. When I read your comments I feel always invited in the lovely spots everywhere you visit. Thank you to share with us. Francine, fรฉe Mรฉlisende
Gillian Gillian from Colchester wrote on 13 September, 2020:
I just returned from a wonderful walking trip to the North York Moors, and I wanted to thank you for helping me pick some truly unforgettable walks. Iโ€™ve been targeting a lot of the โ€œ100 best walking routes in Britainโ€ (published at, and also looking at the routes in Country Walking magazine (if you love walking, I would highly recommend subscribing, but also they post their routes on their website. Neither of those sources had many (or any) pictures though, so I did some Googling and kept coming across your site. Your beautiful pictures helped me cut down the very long list of possible walks to the few that I could do in my limited time. Itโ€™s easy to feel that weโ€™re putting things out in the world, and hard to know if anyone is noticing, so I just wanted to say a quick thanks!
Jayne Jayne from Marlow wrote on 1 September, 2020:
I followed your route of a short walk in Little Haven in ViewRanger today. It was very helpful and gave me the confidence to do the walk on my own. Thank you.
Alan Paul lesbirel Alan Paul lesbirel from Wigan wrote on 25 August, 2020:
Seen your beautiful shots of Lake District on BBC north west tonight, spectacular is an understatement ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Tracey Tracey from Minehead wrote on 19 August, 2020:
Stumbled across your website whilst looking for walking inspiration. I am not usually given to putting pen to paper, but what a fantastic website! I found it really inspirational and your photos are beautiful. Itโ€™s very easy to use the search facility too. Really inspired to get out there and do some of these walks! Happy walking, keep up the good work!
Ryk Ryk from New Zealand wrote on 13 August, 2020:
Thanks for the memories. I just stumbled across your site, which is great. I have done many long-distance walks in the U.K. during 5 extended holidays there since 2013 (recording them in my own recent rambler's blog - if you are interested, and if including this link is allowed). Looking through many of these makes me reminiscent for those trails, skies, and changeable weather. If not for the pandemic I would likely be walking the trails of the U.K. right now. I especially liked the photos of landscapes, scenery, and wildlife (without signs of modern life, such as people, dogs, houses/towns, busy roads, vehicles). Keep it up; there are many more counties/areas you have yet to document.