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If youโ€™re keen on walking why not try our holiday cottage in the North York Moors National Park? Itโ€™s an ideal base with walks from the doorstep - Derwent View Hackness

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Mike and Irene Barker Mike and Irene Barker from UK wrote on 11 Dec, 2018:
We both continue to enjoy your website immensely and looking up where you have been is one of the first things we do every day. Trust you, Gilly and family have a Happy Christmas and New Year
Shania Sellers Shania Sellers from Helmsley wrote on 10 Dec, 2018:
Iโ€™ve just stumbled upon your website while looking for a walk from Sinnington. (I live just outside Helmsley). Iโ€™m blown away by the quality of your photos. Truly stunning.
Peter Webster Peter Webster from UK wrote on 1 Dec, 2018:
Andrew, I just want to say what an amazing eye you have. Your composition is spot on and you really bring the subject to life. I only stumbled upon your site when I was researching some gardens for an upcoming trip. Well done
Ross and Roslyn McCandlish Ross and Roslyn McCandlish from Newcastle, Australia wrote on 25 Nov, 2018:
We have to comment on your fantastic photography. We drool over the quality you achieve, and the memories the photos bring back to us of the countryside. From fellow walkers from "down-under", keep up the great work you do, and we look forward to viewing your walking adventures for a long time to come.
John Wylie John Wylie from Leeds wrote on 21 Oct, 2018:
Hi Andrew, wow just viewed your pictures of 18 October. They are just fantastic, what a wonderful dayโ€™s walking you had. You certainly know out of the way places and the weather was just superb. Thanks for posting your pics and walks, they are a delight to look at
Andrew Gloger Andrew Gloger from California wrote on 19 Oct, 2018:
I am a big fan of your very helpful website, as it is proving an invaluable resource as I plan a first ever trip to the Lake District with my family next April (I'm from California, United States, which is why it's taken me so long to get there!). I really enjoy all you've provided online in terms of resources about walks in the area - it's great!
Martinne and family Martinne and family from North Yorkshire wrote on 25 Sep, 2018:
I just wanted to send you a quick hello from Stainforth, N Yorks. We recently moved here from The Cayman Islands! While I was planning the move, I found this beautiful spot from researching the internet to find a lovely cottage home. I wanted to tell you that I knew NOTHING about Stainforth, but after finding your website and seeing your photos of Catrigg Falls, and Stainforth Force and the Beck in the village I WAS HOOKED!!! It's honestly purely on the basis of seeing your beautiful images of this lovely part of the world, that we made our decision to move here! So if you ever have days when you think nobody is noticing what you do... know that your passion for walking and capturing this amazing countryside, and your gift for photography... it changes lives! It has ours! Thank you for sharing your art with the world, and for helping us find this beautiful "peace of paradise!" Many many thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep up the amazing contribution!
Sue Robertson Sue Robertson from West Yorkshire wrote on 18 Sep, 2018:
Many thanks for opening up the world โ€“ your photographs bring the open skies and scuttering clouds to my desktop. They inspire my travels and calm my hunger to return to the Lakes
Stuart and Vida Bonell Stuart and Vida Bonell from UK wrote on 11 Sep, 2018:
I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your walks on such a wonderful site. My wife and I have been trying to get to the Lakes to do some walking for years and finally made it this week. As novices we needed a bit of help knowing where to walk that would suit us. We have had a wonderful time over the last few days and your site has played a big part in that. Thanks for taking the trouble and doing such a great job of it. The photos with good titling and inclusion of links to OS routes are so helpful.
Douglas Mould Douglas Mould from UK wrote on 30 Aug, 2018:
Hi Andrew I would like to thank you for putting up the Hazel Head photos, 65 years back the fields were my play area up to my age of 13 sorry, but I must stop as I could ramble on for ages plus having to see through watering eyes (emotion tears of long gone memories ) just one big thank you Andrew. PS there is a lot of history behind Hazel Head the Roman road passes through the farm yard beyond the house. There used to be a small town by the name of Hazel Head township and there are foundation mounds to be found in the field. In the stone walls one can still see the remains of stone buildings. Down in the valley bottom below the fields there is a water fall by the name of Nelly Airfoss, worth a visit
Susie Susie from UK wrote on 28 Aug, 2018:
I just found your website while browsing tonightโ€ฆand just wanted to thank you for it. A great combination of walk descriptions with photos. Weโ€™re just back from a week or so walking in the Lake District and your photos have both reinforced happy memories and given us ideas for our next visitโ€ฆ We tend to stick to familiar walks but you have inspired us to try some new ones! Iโ€™ve shared the link with friends who also visit the Lake District regularlyโ€ฆ Thank you and do keep sharing these routes and photos!
Katrina Katrina from Australia wrote on 21 Aug, 2018:
Thank you for sharing photos. I am tracing my family history, and I have ancestors who lived at Marske. I live in Australia, so viewing the images, and hearing of your walk is very interesting to me, and made me feel like I was there. Thanks so much
Adrian Griegal Adrian Griegal from UK wrote on 17 Aug, 2018:
I just wanted to let you know that I stumbled upon your site while I was looking for route suggestions for my own walks. The content and setup is just marvellous and you are one of the few who I've found who really captures the Lakes as they are. Thank you so much for sharing this with us all. Happy walking!
Olivier Olivier from UK wrote on 16 Aug, 2018:
Just a quick word to say thank you for the great walks you show in your blog. My wife and I found your page last week as we were in the Pig in Brockenhurst and were looking for a nice walk to do. We followed your walk from the Pig which we really enjoyed. I will use your walk again in the future, thanks for your brilliant work!
Julia Julia from UK wrote on 15 Aug, 2018:
Your photos are obvsly gorgeous, your descriptions clearly helpful. What an impressive and wonderful site. Thanks
Carol Owen Carol Owen from Chorley wrote on 27 Jul, 2018:
Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your website. I find your walking guides easy to follow, not got lost yet! I also wanted to say how wonderful your photography is, I'm a member of Chorley PS, still learning the ropes, but I think your photos are so lifelike
Michael Michael from Los Angeles wrote on 10 Jul, 2018:
I just had a browse through your amazing website and walks. I'm visiting the UK and the Lake District from Los Angeles. When the weather's nice in England there's very few places in the world as picturesque as the English countryside
Bรคrbel Bodensohn Bรคrbel Bodensohn from Germany wrote on 6 Jul, 2018:
I just found your webpage when browsing for our hiking holiday next week in the lake district. I like your fotos very much, there are really tempting
Adrian Dickinson Adrian Dickinson from Lincolnshire wrote on 26 Jun, 2018:
Thanks again for sharing what I, and I'm sure many others, find such a valuable resource. You must spend hours uploading everything, but please keep it up
Peter Sanderson Peter Sanderson from UK wrote on 26 Jun, 2018:
Really enjoying your pics. reminds me of the holiday my wife and I loved in the Stelvio Pass region and in the area around the Westendorf region in Austria many years ago. I shall be 80 in November this year and long walks are no longer on the agenda but it is a pleasure to view your walks abroad with Gilly in the most beautiful countries. Long may you continue to do so and thanks for sharing these memories