La Gomera

Route: Imada

Area: La Gomera

Date of walk: 6th February 2016

Walkers: Andrew and Gilly

Distance: 4.4 miles

Ascent: 800 feet

Weather: warm and sunny, rather hazy

Most of our walks on the island to date had been based on an excellent walking guide which sadly let us down on today’s walk. We made our way to the start point, a cafe in the village of Imada, but were unable to find the telephone booth, the red dot on a white wall, or a school which were supposed to set us off on the correct course. Eventually we found a path that showed some signs of matching the description in our book, but this would mean that the direction of travel was shown wrongly on the accompanying map

The path that we were on was an attractive one, so we decided to follow it anyway, though we had no confidence that it was the correct one. A ‘white bungalow’ which was mentioned was no help as most of the village fitted this description. No matter, we could always retrace our steps if need be

We carried on until we reached a dramatic mountain ridge and with no meaningful description of the remainder of the circuit in our guide book we simply retraced our steps back to the start. When we arrived back in Arure we met an equally confused English couple carrying the same guide – like us, they had been wandering around the village looking for the start. We advised them to follow the same path as us in the knowledge that they would have a great walk, as did we, though we didn’t work out where we’d been until later on

The incredible views along the Barranco de Guarimar made this a very worthwhile outing, despite the uncertainties as to our location

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