Lorton Vale

Lorton Vale

North West Lake District

Route: Around Lorton Vale

Area: North West Lake District

Date of walk: 22nd March 2013

Walkers: Andrew

Distance: 7.0 miles

Ascent: 600 feet

Snowed in – Day 1

As soon as I opened the bedroom curtains it was obvious that a fell walk was out of the question. There was a howling gale and driving snow – horrendous. I decided on a walk round the valley to check out the conditions.

The local lane was covered in drifts of snow up to 5 feet high in places, and completely impassable to cars. I walked along the lane into Lorton where, oddly, the roads were completely clear. I then walked along the far side of the valley and back home – the other end of the lane was also impassable, leaving me stranded. Hopefully a snowplough will arrive soon…….

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