Derwent Water

Derwent Water

North Western Lake District

Route: Derwent Water – Brandelhow Bay to Nichol End

Area: North Western Lake District

Date of walk: 1st October 2014

Walkers: Andrew and Gilly

Distance: 2.4 miles

Weather: Slighly overcast at start, slowly getting better (and better)

The weather was miserable all morning but at lunchtime the mist lifted and so we decided to head towards Keswick. If the rain continued we would go shopping, if it improved we’d go for a walk. Luckily the weather did improve and I was saved from a fate worse than shopping – a walk was on the cards!

We parked at Nichol End Marina on the west shore of Derwent Water, intending to take the Keswick Launch to the landing at Lodore, then to walk back along the lake shore as we’ve done on many occasions in the past. This time there was a snag – there had been so little rainfall that the water level of the lake had dropped to the extent that the ferry was unable to land at Nichol End or Lodore for ‘health and safety reasons’ – a claim disputed by the proprietor of Nichol End, who derives income from the landings

However the enterprising proprietor had found a way round the issue and invited us to strap on some lifejackets and hop into his small motorboat, and off we sped across the lake to Keswick where we were able to catch the launch to Brandelhow Bay. This halved the length of our proposed walk but doubled the fun so we didn’t mind at all. The walk back to Nichol End was as lovely as ever and after an unpromising start it turned out to be a great afternoon

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