North London

Route: Wembley Way

Area: North London

Date of walk: 13th April 2014

Who: Andrew Gilly James Nicola David and Rob

Weather: Sunshine all day

I must firstly apologise to regular visitors to this site: today’s walk features no photos of cute red squirrels or views from mountain tops, in fact it doesn’t really feature a walk at all. But for anyone who has a passing interest in football matters, there’s a journey worth recounting

Hull City AFC had finally made it through to the semi final of the FA Cup for only the second time in their history and, having been drawn against lower league rivals Sheffield United, there was a decent chance of reaching the Cup Final for the first time ever

With high hopes we set off from Hull early in the morning and reached Wembley Stadium around lunchtime. Today’s walk consisted of a stroll around the perimeter in search of ‘refreshments’ and then later on a climb up the stairs to our seats. But it wasn’t the walk that mattered today, it was the destination. Would our team go through’ I’ll let the photos tell the story

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