Humber Bridge

Humber Bridge

East Yorkshire

Route: The Humber Bridge

Area: East Yorkshire

Date of walk: 21st January 2014

Walkers: Andrew

Distance: 2.5 miles

Ascent: 100 feet

I must have driven under and over the Humber Bridge hundreds if not thousands of times, so I tend to take it for granted. Every so often it’s worth a proper visit so as to appreciate what an incredible feat of civil engineering it is, as well as a thing of great beauty

This was more of a meander than a walk – it’s best to make up the walk as you go along, and there are plenty of information boards and signs pointing out where to go and what to do

Today I parked at Hessle Foreshore and walked under the bridge – a fantastic spectacle from underneath – and then through the adjoining country park

With a bit more time to spare, I’d have walked across the bridge to the South bank, and then back along the other side. This is a walk of 2.5 miles in itself, and the bridge remains the longest single-span suspension bridge in the world that one can cross on foot or by bicycle. As it was, I wandered out for a short distance and came back again

Click here for the story of how this amazing structure was planned and built

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