Tazacorte whale watching


La Palma

Route: Whale watching trip from Tazacorte

Area: La Palma

Date of walk: 25th January 2017

Walkers: Andrew and Gilly

Weather: Sunny

We finished our walk to the Cuevas de Buracas by late morning which left us enough time for another adventure, so we drove down the west coast of La Palma to the port of Tazacorte, one of the few places on this rugged coastline from which it’s possible to access the sea

We wandered down to the harbour and as luck would have it we were just in time for the 3.30pm whale watching trip. We bought 2 tickets and climbed on board the catamaran – Fancy II

Before sailing out into open sea, the captain took us along the west coast, keeping close the cliff face and at one point reversing the boat into a cave. The highlight of the coastal section was seeing the improbable village at Punta Candelaria, situated at the bottom of a sheer rock face and seemingly inaccessible from land

We then headed further out into the Atlantic in search of whales. The search was fruitless for quite some time, and the captain was concerned that we we may not have a sighting – there is no guarantee. At last, and just as hopes were fading, we spotted a pod of pilot whales – estimated at 30 or so. A thrilling moment, especially when individuals swam under and beside the boat

Mission accomplished, we sailed back into port just in time to witness another glorious sunset – a great end to a great day

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