Muker to Keld

Yorkshire Dales

Route: Muker to Keld and back

Area: Yorkshire Dales

Date of walk: 27th January 2016

Walkers: Andrew

Distance: 7.1 miles

Ascent: 1,500 feet

Weather: heavy rain and showers at first, brighter later, very high winds

I parked in the village of Muker and waited in the car for a while for the torrential rain to stop. Fortunately it did and so I set off out of the village in the direction of the River Swale. The fields were sodden after all the recent rain, and the river was very swollen as I crossed the footbridge to join the path running above its bank

I wasn’t able to take many photos on the outward leg of the walk as there were regular showers, some of them very heavy, combined with a gale force wind which almost blew me over on a couple of occasions

When I reached Keld I walked along the Thwaite road for a short distance, then climbed up a path which runs round the flanks of Kisdon. I wasn’t far off the summit and it was tempting to make a short detour, but the gale force winds put me off

The weather by this time had improved and there were some sunny intervals, showing the glorious countryside in a good light. The last part of the walk was through typical limestone country, with dry stone walls and old barns enhancing the scenery. One fortunate by product of the recent rain was the condition of the various waterfalls in the Keld area – they were roaring with vigour and made a big contribution to a wonderful walk

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