Route: Alcudia Old Quarter

Area: Spain, Mallorca

Date of walk: 28th April 2019

Walkers: Andrew and Gilly

Distance: 3.0 miles 

Ascent: nil

Weather: cloudy but bright

After this morning’s wonderful walk up a mountain and down to a deserted cove (click here to view), there remained time for an unscheduled walk in the afternoon. We decided to walk around the Old Quarter of Alcudia, which is our base for this walking holiday. We’d chosen Alcudia for purely pragmatic reasons: firstly it lies in the far north west of Mallorca, an area where we’ve not walked before, and secondly our son James was staying nearby, having yesterday completed the marathon Mallorca 312

Until we arrived, we hadn’t fully appreciated the historic nature of the town, and had associated it with its more bustling close neighbour, Port d’Alcudia, a popular tourist resort with a harbour, beach and boardwalk. The Old Quarter of Alcudia is entirely different in character. It’s situated on the site of a Roman settlement and is contained within Mallorca’s only entirely preserved town wall, built in the 14th century by King Jaume II to protect the inhabitants. The area is pedestrianised, and the authenticity of the old town has been preserved by strict construction regulations

Our base for this short walking holiday was the excellent Hotel Forum, which is located in the heart of the old town. We started today’s short walk from the hotel and walked to the nearby city walls. Although I’ve included the usual Maps Page, I haven’t described a fixed route, as it’s best to wander around the town. We followed the Cami de Ronda, which follows a circular course around the ancient walls of the town. It’s possible to climb up to a walkway which runs along the top of the wall for a short distance, giving good views over the rooftops

It was a very enjoyable amble, and we were glad to have chosen this lovely town as our base

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