Central Lake District

Route: Rosthwaite to Seathwaite and back

Area: Central Lake District

Date of walk: 5th March 2015

Walkers: Andrew and Gilly

Distance: 6.1 miles

Weather: Overcast, windy, light drizzle at times

We parked in the National Trust car park in the attractive village of Rosthwaite and headed across a field behind the village to Peat How. We joined the Allerdale Ramble here and this took us along the valley to the remote settlement of Seathwaite. We normally use Seathwaite as a springboard for the higher fells in the area and it felt odd to turn back at this point to walk along the other side of the valley, instead of heading up towards Stockley Bridge

After arriving at Seatoller we climbed up through Johnny Wood, descending again into Borrowdale. The route I’d planned meant crossing a ford back into Rosthwaite and Gilly wasn’t confident that it would be fordable, so she decided to retrace our steps back into Rosthwaite, while I stubbornly took the chance that I’d be able to get back across the River Derwent. The river level was above some of the stepping stones but I decided to give it a go rather than retreating and adding more distance to the walk

Walking poles gave me some extra balance and I made it across, just in time to see Gilly greeting me along the path from Rosthwaite – I suspect she was hoping to witness me fall into the river again. A previous fall had been the subject of much hilarity (for Gilly that is) when I slipped into a different River Derwent in North Yorks, losing a phone, camera and gps in the process – but worst of all my dignity

Thankfully there was no repeat of that disaster and today’s walk was a dry and very enjoyable one

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