Roque Bermejo

Roque Bermejo

Route: Roque Bermejo

Area: Anaga Peninsular, Northern Tenerife

Date of walk: 7th February 2018

Walkers: Andrew and Gilly

Distance: 6.6 miles

Ascent: 2,200 feet

Weather: Sunny, becoming cloudier later with several showers

The Anaga Peninsular is a very remote area in the far north east of the island, and the car journey to the start of today’s walk was an adventure in itself, part of which involved a 1 hour journey along narrow roads with countless hairpin bends and staggering views along the way, and some big drops to the side. Full concentration was needed and the car was in 2nd gear for most of the way

Eventually we arrived at the end of the road – literally – as it’s not possible to drive any further than the start of today’s walk from the hamlet of Chamorga. We set off along a narrow path along the northern wall of the barranco in the direction of a dramatic ‘devil’s head’ rock. The area is a paradise for botanists and we admired the local flora covering the rocks of the mountain side as we progressed along the way

We made an airy there and back walk to a drago tree perched at the end of a narrow ledge – the views from here were spectacular – and then commenced a slow descent around the cliff face towards the lighthouse, enjoying more amazing views as we went along the narrow path

After reaching the lighthouse we descended to our destination, possibly the most remote and isolated hamlet on Tenerife – Roque Bermejo. There is no road access to this place and supplies are brought in by sea. We didn’t have time to descend to the stony beach and after reaching the small chapel it was time to embark on the return leg

It’s a rule of walking a circular route that what goes down must go up, and having descended some 2,000 feet we knew beforehand that we’d have a considerable climb back up the barranco to the start of the walk. As we set off the weather closed in and there were a few heavy showers along the way, but it was easier going than we’d anticipated and after an hour or more of huffing and puffing Chamorga came into view and after another 15 minutes we were back at the start. We visited the only bar in town – Casa Alvaro – for refreshments and then made the spine tingling car journey back down to valley level

It had been a classic walk, one of the very best, and we were glad to have made the effort to get here

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