Route: A journey to Å

Area: Norway, Lofoten Islands

Date of walk: 1st August 2017

Walkers: Andrew and Gilly

Distance: 1.0 mile

Weather: Cloudy with light drizzle

Today was the last full day of our walking holiday “A journey to Å” on the Lofoten Islands. Starting in Svolvær, the small capital of the islands, we’d worked our way southwards, staying on two of the archipelago’s main groups of islands, ending, appropriately enough, with an visit to the village of Å (pronounced ‘Oh’), named after the final letter of the Norwegian alphabet. This is as far as it’s possible to travel going south on the islands, and the road ends here

Our visit to the village amounted to no more than a stroll, and the dull wet weather would have ruled out a proper walk in any event. Nevertheless it’s worth recording the visit in my walking diary as Å is an evocative place, typical of the small fishing villages which are dotted all over these islands

Some notes in conclusion:

We booked our holiday through Inntravel and I can highly recommend their services. All the travel arrangements worked seamlessly and the suggested walking routes were superb. Although it’s possible to fly to Lofoten I’m glad that we approached the islands by sea as I’ll never forget the sight of the serrated mountain ridges looming ever larger as we neared the landing stage

Most of the peaks are out of bounds to ordinary mortals but if you choose the type of route which we walked the grade is similar to Lake District fell walking

The weather in Lofoten is unpredictable, as with most mountainous areas. The islands are within the Arctic Circle, so we were surprised how warm it was most days, with temperatures of 20c and more. We were lucky in our choice of weeks, and enjoyed 5 good weather days out of 7. The days are very long in late July – 20 hours or so, and the sun hardly sets before it starts to rise again

It was a wonderful walking holiday and we’ll take home with us some never to be forgotten memories of one of the most spectacular places we’ve ever visited

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