Hull Fish Trail

Hull Fish Trail

Route: Hull Fish Trail

Area: East Yorkshire

Date of walk: 15th November 2017

Walkers: Andrew

Distance: 3.0 miles

Weather: cloudy

The Seven Seas Hull Fish Trail is a tour of the historic Old Town and takes in many of its attractions along the way. The walk starts from City Square and a leaflet and map can be picked from the Tourist Information Centre. A trail of fish set into the pavement points the walker in the right direction, and from here it’s just a case of following the map (see the Maps Page) or the trail of fish which appear every so often

There are a total of 41 sculptures along the way created by the artist Gordon Young in 1992 and representing the actual size of fish with life size pieces, from a tiny anchovy to a 10 foot ray. His sense of humour surfaces with the placing of a plaice in the market place, an electric eel outside the electricity sub station and a shark outside a bank

The walk takes about 2 hours but it could take all day if some of the many attractions are visited – for example The Deep, Ferens Art Gallery or one of the museums along the way

I’ve walked these pavements many times in the past and today’s walk was as enjoyable as ever

This wasn’t the end of the day however. Hull is the UK City of Culture 2017 and one of the countless events to be held was a photography competition with the chance to have your work exhibited on beermats in watering holes around the city. The competition was to be judged by world-renowed photographer Martin Parr and a few days earlier I’d submitted my entry. How would I fare? Read on…

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