Route: Hackness and Broxa

Area: North Yorkshire

Date of walk: 5th May 2018

Walkers: Andrew, Gilly and David

Distance: 7.0 miles

Ascent: 1,000 feet

Weather: Sunny 

We were staying at Derwent View Hackness and awoke to a glorious morning, just as forecast. We set off from the cottage and shortly after leaving the village crossed over the River Derwent via the footbridge near Wrench Green (anyone not staying at Derwent View could start the walk by parking near the village hall)

We followed the path along the bank of the River Derwent (very muddy in places later on), keeping a sharp lookout for kingfishers which are known to nest hereabouts, but we didn’t have any sightings

We arrived at Estell Lane where there is a choice of routes. We continued along the riverbank path but is was a quagmire in places and we wished we’d taken the alternative route, which is to follow the lane in the direction of Troutsdale for a short distance, before heading uphill along a track to the right

After passing through Bridge Farm we decided to detour into Langdale End in the hope of refreshments at the eccentric Moorcock Inn. The opening hours of the Inn are one of the great unsolved mysteries of the universe, and despite it being lunchtime on the Saturday of a bank holiday weekend the inn was closed, so we retraced our steps past Bridge Farm and left the road to make the stiff and sometimes pathless climb up Broxa Banks. At the top of the hill we walked along the lane into Broxa and turned right at Broxa Farm to walk along the Rigg. The tabular nature of these hills only shows itself once the tops are reached and the surrounding countryside is quite flat and featureless – but lovely all the same

After reaching the end of Broxa Rigg at Hackness Head, we followed the track through the woods which took us back down to Derwent View to end a wonderful walk in wonderful weather. It was not the end of the day though, as the Tour de Yorkshire was passing through Hackness village and we were well placed to witness the spectacle…

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