River Derwent Hackness


Route: The River Derwent from Hackness

Area: North Yorkshire

Date of walk: 1st June 2017

Walkers: Andrew  

Distance: 5.6 miles

Weather: Mostly sunny 

We were staying at Derwent View Hackness and, having heard local reports of kingfisher activity, I decided to go for a walk along the bank of the River Derwent, which runs past the cottage, in the hope of a sighting. The public footpath is on the far bank and in order to reach it I walked out of the village and crossed the wooden footbridge near Wrench Green

I then joined the riverbank path which took me past the cottage and followed the meandering course of the river. The path is used by the local angler’s association, and so keeps close to the river for most of the way. I kept a sharp lookout for kingfishers as I went along, especially near Hilla Green, where there was a nest last year, but my luck was out although there were plenty of dippers and wagtails about. The path is an easy one for the most part but there is a horribly slippery and muddy section near Wood House, so it’s best to wear proper walking boots

I’d been planning a circular walk but as I approached The Carr I decided to retrace my steps in the hope (a vain one as it turned out) of spotting a kingfisher – I did so without any reluctance as the scenery is beautiful throughout (note that the Maps Page links to the same riverside route, but is a circular walk, returning via quiet country lanes)

Having seen no kingfishers during the course of a 5 mile walk it was bound to happen that I’d see one opposite the cottage, which I did next morning   

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