Flying Scotsman

North York Moors

Route: The Flying Scotsman

Area: North York Moors

Date of walk: 20th March 2016

Walkers: Andrew Gilly and James

Distance: n/a

Weather: rain

Today was the last day of a brief guest appearance by The Flying Scotsman on the North York Moors Railway

I’d devised a walk based on the timetable which would allow us to see the train arrive and depart from Goathland station, and our route would then follow paths close to the line, permitting further views on its next journey from Pickering. As we arrived at the Hole of Horcum, just before Goathland, we were puzzled to see crowds of people staring at the Flying Scotsman on the line below. According to our timetable it shouldn’t be there. What was going on?

Enquiry revealed that the train had broken down and was an hour behind schedule – our carefully prepared plan was in tatters. Not to worry, as we had a good vantage point of the train, which eventually managed to get up a head of steam and passed by below us, assisted by another steam train behind it

To further confound my plan it was raining, so we decided to abandon the walk altogether and to try to see the Flying Scotsman in Pickering. As we arrived at the station, a plume of steam indicated that the train was pulling away, so we folllowed the tell tale sign. Luckily the road went beside the track and we managed to overtake the train, jumping out of the car at New Bridge, where were just in time to get another good sighting as it chugged by – going backwards as it was being pulled by another engine

The Flying Scotsman is such a magnificent sight that it seems a shame not to share the photos, with apologies to anyone who arrives at this page hoping that it will feature a walk

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