Burton Agnes

Burton Agnes

East Yorkshire

Route: Burton Agnes Hall

Area: East Yorkshire

Date of walk: 10th December 2016

Walkers: Andrew, Gilly, Lucy, Phoebe and baby Bobby

Distance: n/a

Weather: overcast

It must be said straightaway that today’s walk wasn’t a walk at all. As this site is my walking diary, and I hope to look back on it in years to come, I like to record happy memories whenever I can, and today was one such day. Anyone visiting this page in the hope of following a 10 mile hike may consider pressing the back button – but hold on, as today’s location is a wonderful place to visit

Built over 400 years ago, Burton Agnes Hall has been described as ‘the perfect English house’ and one of the twenty best English houses alongside Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace and Chatsworth. Despite its comparatively small size, there’s a charming atmosphere and it feels like a loved and lived in home (which it is). There are enjoyable walks to be had in the adjoining woodland and award winning gardens, but we didn’t have time for this today

The hall is filled with treasures collected by the family over the years – it is beautiful, and the beauty is enhanced at this time of year by the original Christmas decorations

The purpose of our visit was to introduce our granddaughter Phoebe to Father Christmas, who was taking time out of his busy schedule to visit Burton Agnes today…

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