Route:  Port de Sóller

Area: North West Mallorca

Date of walk: 6th September 2015

Walkers: Andrew and Gilly

Distance: 2.8 miles

Weather:  overcast and warm

On the first morning of our stay in Mallorca we decided on a short walk from our base in Sóller in order to get our bearings. A walk to nearby Port de Sóller would fit the bill perfectly

We set off from our rented villa and walked through the attractive streets of the town before joining a rough cobbled path which took us through the woods to the edge of the port

After wandering along the seafront for a while, we caught the old wooden tram back to Sóller - a wonderful way to return to base and a good start to our short walking holiday, though the weather was rather uninspiring

Note: the map and gps downloads show the route we took, which started at our villa. Anyone following this route will need to adapt it, depending on the start point. The nearby main square is recommended - there are numerous walks out of Sóller starting here



Port de Soller maps

Looking over Sóller towards its port from the balcony of our rented villa

We walk along the cami de sa Figuera past the local church

Looking towards the Tramuntana mountains, which provide a spectacular backdrop to Sóller

We follow a dirt track towards the port

Walking through groves of old olive trees

The path is quite rocky at times but it’s easy going

Port de Sóller comes into view

Heading down to the port

We arrive in the port

Down by the beach

Further round the bay

The harbour

We decided to catch the famous old electric tram back to Sóller

The route took us round the bay of the port…

…and after an enjoyable 15 minute ride we arrived at the main square in Sóller, which is dominated by the facade of St Bartholomew Church

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